Simon Waldren, Founder of Apex Wiring Solutions to speak at CoLab 2019

Simon Waldren, Founder of Apex Wiring Solutions to speak at CoLab 2019

Simon Waldren is the Founder of Apex Wiring Solutions in New Zealand and Australia. Simon has worked in the Apex Group for over 20 years; working in the original UK based family business and then 5 years ago establishing the organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

Simon will be presenting at CoLab 2019 to the like-minded members and collaborators; considering the way of the future in prefab construction and how modular wiring and systems have been accepted among some forward-thinking businesses within New Zealand.

With extensive knowledge in what is deemed as a relatively new field in these Territories; Simon has first-hand experience in the sector of modular prefabricated electrical 'plug and play' wiring solutions. The Modular & Off-site build sector is a growing trend and is relatively fresh in this Region; by definition, it is an innovative and disruptive technology in the construction market.

The focus of Simon and the team is supporting the designing, manufacturing and most importantly servicing of our clients with plug and play Modular Wiring Solutions. These solutions compliment and/or replace traditional wiring of small power and lighting electrical sub-circuits, with systems that are “Smart, Quick, Safe and Easy” to install.

Prefab and off-site construction methods raise a whole new series of challenges and opportunities. New ideas and methods that are being designed and introduced; whilst benchmarks and comparisons are still being measured by historical, on-site metrics and performance guides.

Simon and the teamwork to educate and integrate the Modular Wiring innovation with the right partners and types of projects – which all hinge on the mindset and willingness to embrace the Modular Systems and Construction. Learn more about CoLab 2019 here

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